February 9, 2009

Please a Return to Normalicy...Whatever That Is

I'm exhausted. Through and through. And it's only the beginning of February. I never seems that I ever get enough done. There always something else that needs to be fixed, cleaned up, altered, rearranged, reorganized, written, handled, construct or memorize. My head feels like it is going to exploded with all the information that is running through my head.

Today I had to go and talk to my bank and fix something with my account. I overdrew from my checking account and they charged me $100 in overdraft fees. I had this problem before, but this time it shouldn't of happened. For starters, I had the overdraft protection option removed from my checking account. This protects me from not being able to pay for something as long as it isn't over some dollar amount like $500. However, every time I overdraw they charge to my account $25...which I don't have. Anyway, this overdraft protection pretty much destroyed my savings and I'm still trying to build backup.

I was doing alright with keeping up with my records with my account. But due vacations and several major events in my relationship with Rachel, I was getting low on cash. I thought I had enough for a few cheap purchases, but I didn't realize that I had not entered in some numbers into my checkbook. So my balance was lower than I thought and when I went to purchase a couple of things, I didn't realize I had no money in the bank. But my debit card still worked. I went and talked to the folks at the bank, and hopefully I have everything worked out. Unfortunately, I have to wait and see if they will waive the charges they added to my account. I hope they do, especially it was their fault that the card allowed me to overdraw.

I also have a lot of other little projects for class that I need to get done this week. I have several quizzes to study for and I even have a PowerPoint presentation I have to make at some point this month. I also have to write a sermon. I'm going to be giving a sermon at the Gentry Seventh-day Adventist Church in Gentry, Arkansas. I'm excited about it, but I don't know how I'm going to afford the trip or have enough time to write the sermon on top of all my other assignments. It's just crazy. Still, I'm thankful that God is working with me and carrying me through all this. I couldn't handle all this by myself.

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Robbie said...

I too was recently overdrawn... it was legitimately my fault however. My 99 cent ties from the trhift store ended up being closer to 7 bucks a piece.

NSF fees suck.

I think you should maybe talk to the folks at SWAU, see if they'll pay for your gas/per diem if you talk to the students or something.

I went a few years back that way, didn't have to pay for food or gas, and I think i got a small (50$) credit on my tuition.