February 11, 2009

The Economic Blues

It seems wherever you turn you are hearing about the latest layoffs or the stimulus package that is suppose to save us from the brink of destruction. It seems that the message of the day is doom and gloom. The economy is in shambles and people are losing their jobs. It's kind of scary, but I haven't really realized how bad things are getting until recently.

I came into work this morning and started getting ready to go on-air when my boss Randy asked me a question. "How is your job at the ABC?" It made me stop for a second. "It's going fine," I said, "I'm only working two days this week, but things are fine." "Well," Randy said, "I was just wondering, because I heard they fired a full-time employee and they cancelled their underwriting spot." I was shocked me. I had not heard about anyone getting fired, but I began to realize that people in my own sphere are beginning to see the hardships of the economy. It made me stop and think about my job secruity.

I'm currently working on getting my teaching certification so I can teach secondary History classes and maybe Media Arts, but the only reason I'm able to continue with my education is because of the two jobs I have. I'm working at 88.3 KJCR as a DJ for two hours every weekday and then every other day at the ABC Food Center. Both jobs help me to pay off my school bill (along with scholorships, discounts and federal loans), pay rent, purchase groceries, fill up the tank of my car, and do little things for my girlfriend. However, it never seems enough to handle all the different expenses that arise. Plus, I'm having issues with my bank that is making things that much more difficult.

I'm living in a world that is collapsing in on itself, but I'm ready for it. God is my foundation, He is my rock and my fortress. It may seem like my world is falling apart, but I know that my God is faithful and He will come on that appointed day and take me home. Never again will I have to worry about the economy and my job secruity. All I will think about is the glory of God.

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Robbie said...

I cannot wait!

It sometimes feels as though I am in a dream. I listen to NPR and can't help but think none of this is real.

There are full time employees at target only getting 15 hours a week.

As you said, the second coming is one of only a handful of comforts left on this old sphere.

I'm praying for you Gavin, have a good day alright.