March 26, 2009

Here a Post, There a Post

It has been a while (yet again) since I have done any writing on here. I find it harder and harder to right when it gets closer to the end of the semester. I'm currently working on a project for my legal and philosophical class. I'm currently "reading" the book Education by Ellen G. White. I say "reading" because the proper term would be scanning. We have the worksheets that are split up into chapters and I'm just trying to find answers right now. However, the stuff that I have gleaned from "reading" has been very interesting and inspiring. So I will have to read the book in its entirety when I'm done with the assignment. That will be one of my goals for this summer.

I'm planning on accomplishing a lot this summer. I plan on making some trips: Mena, Robbie's wedding, and maybe a camping trip...maybe. I also want to read some books I have bought a long time ago and had not finished or started reading. I'm currently on the last book of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and I plan on starting on Innocence Abroad by Mark Twain again. I started it last summer, but got bogged down...or distracted. Who knows. Anyway, I also need to finish reading Lost in the Funhouse, and also start reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and The Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man. If I do well on getting those read I'll start on something else.

I also have several movies on my to-see list that I want to watch this summer, including the new Star Trek movie, Inglorious Bastards, and Public Enemy. I also may see Watchmen sometime soon, but I have mixed emotions about seeing it. I feel that I would probably like it better in the theaters than on DVD, but I still don't know. I'm also thinking about starting a Netflix account, but I don't know if I really should because of my finances.

I also need to write more short stories and poems. I haven't written much along those lines in a very long time and I feel like I need to start again. (Sigh). There is so much I want to do, but I really don't have that much time to do it. Especially if I'm still working two different jobs during the summer. Oh, well. That's life.