January 28, 2009

My First Blog: Or How I'm Quiting MySpace

I'm sick of it ("it" being MySpace). I'm tired of the whole...whatever. It seems that MySpace is getting so cluttered with junk (advertisements, attachments, games, groups, movies, music, so on and so on). Every page, every profile, every inch of MySpace is full of...something. If it wasn't for the fact that I use MySpace to keep in touch with some people I would delete my account. I really would.

That is why I have decided to convert nearly my full attention to this blog. Here at least I can control more aspects. And I feel like more people would read my blogs on here. On MySpace I had maybe three or four people that would actually comment on, let alone read, my blog. So...adios Myspace and hello Blogger.


Here is a short poem that I posted on my old blog a while back. I'm probably going to post a bunch of my old poems on here so check back and see some of my work. Hopefully when I have a little more time I will begin doing some more focused blogs about my life, what I'm learning about in the education field, movies, music and general randomness.

Well here is my poem "Musical Interlude". Enjoy.

Compact discs and woven baskets,
Quotations and relevent descriptions,
Arisen dreams and broken nightmares,
Clamber, shift, and slide.

Answered phones and unanswered mail,
Deepened remorse and hightened senses,
Local anesthetic and numbed ambitions,
Clamber, shift, and slide.

Victourious winnings and dubious loses,
Comforting words and harsh actions,
Lingering pain and delightful healing,
Clamber, shift, and slide.

Yet...what does this lead to?

Musical interlude,
And slide.


richies said...

Welcome to "real" blogging

An Arkie's Musings

Robbie said...

I enjoy this quite a bit more than myspace

(the period key on my keyboard is all messed up)

i look forward to your future posts